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Tier One Tactical and Outdoors

Tier One Tactical and Outdoors was established to fill a void which as been created within the outdoors and tactical market in the USA. Continually, customers pay extreme prices for premium equipment within the USA, while other customers located around the world pay in the region of 100% below the US average. Tier One Tactical and Outdoors, sources our kit and equipment from around the world, which has been hand picked by Tier One Operatives, Survival Experts and outdoor education instructors. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers the best outdoors, survival, tactical, prepping and hunting kit and equipment at affordable prices.  To ensure that Tier One Outdoors continues to provide our customers with the best kit and equipment, Tier One Outdoors field tests all the items which we stock. We also continually draw on the experience of survival experts, military/law enforcement personnel, and our own experiences to ensure we only stock the best for our customers.

Why You'll Keep Coming Back

Tie One Tactical and Outdoors stock only the best tactical, survival and outdoors equipment at affordable prices. Our wide range of survival equipment, outdoor products, and tactical gear has been hand picked by tier one operatives, survival experts and outdoor specialists, so our customers can rest easy knowing that the kit and equipment they purchase from Tier One Tactical and Outdoors, won't fail them when they need it most. 

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Tier One Tactical and Outdoors are always happy to hear from out customers. Please see below for our contact details. 


Tel: +1 (281) 896-0255


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